SAY IT. RU > vol. 2, 23.3.2014, Estherhasygasse 21, Vienna

SAY IT. RU* > vol. 2

One of the works of the exhibition will be „01092004RU“ by Anna Ceeh. Conceptual audio-visual mix of the life and TV realities.
Filmed and recorded on 01/09/2004 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
01092004RU is the sine curve of a private daily life:
Between the football and state power, a visit to the cemetery and the hostage crisis in Beslan/ Chechnya.
The thrilling rhythmic archaic sound of Park Modern (Vladivostok, RU) catapults the audience right into the nonverbal delayed action and makes this reality construct his own.




discussion panel  with Susanne Scholl “Dealing with the Media in Russia. Clichés here and there”/ „01092004RU“ video screening

* SAY IT continues to focuse attention on the situation in Russia and it’s society, where a large number of reversals are constantly happening. Permanent changes in laws and abrupt decisions in foreign relations cause public responses, which evoke governmental countermeasures. We shall try to obtain objective interpretation by open discussions and by receiving first-hand information.

SAY IT is a specific format of an exhibition space and informative panel initiated by Anna Khodorkovskaya and Anastasiya Yarovenko in cooperation with Hans Knoll. This idea arose in response to the current pulsing situation in Ukraine.

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