Toshain / Ceeh: ПРЕЙЪР Opening 3.3.2014 Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie Vienna

Speech by Brigitte Huck/ AT

For this KÖR Public Art GmbH funded project, Toshain/ Ceeh have invited acclaimed as well as young international artists to create slogans and messages based on the idea of FEMINismTC. The artist duo will transform them into four thousand manually coated noctilucent A1-sized posters.

Displayed in public spaces for a period of one month, they will create luminescent switch points of views and controversial thought around the city. Vienna’s 23 districts will be turned into an exhibition space for original “paintings” that are sent on a journey of their own as site specific artifacts.

Capturing natural daylight and shining it into the night, they will gradually be torn and pasted over, but the afterglow of their messages will live on.

Slogans will be created specifically for FEMINismTC: ПРЕЙЪР (the name represents both a semiotic sign and the transcription of the word “prayer” in cyrillic script ) by:
Marina Abramovic (US), Linda Bilda (AT), Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova (RO/ SK), Boris Ondreicka (SK), KIWA (EE), Siggi Hofer (AT/ IT), Slava Mogutin (U.S./ RU), Olaf Nicolai (DE), VALIE EXPORT (AT), Iv Toshain (BG), Anna Ceeh (RU/ AT)

video by Christopher Wittine

SPONSORED BY: KÖR Kunst im öffentlichen Raum GmbH, BMUKK, BKA Frauenangelegenheiten und Gleichstellung, MA57, STADT WIEN MA7, IKT, VATNC

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