⁄S⁄O⁄N⁄I⁄C⁄ ⁄Z⁄O⁄N⁄E⁄S⁄-perfromance at Performing Sound, 6th-7th.Oct, Galerie 5020, Salzburg

PerformingSound _A. Hengl .jpg

The two-day symposium located at the 5020 Gallery is dedicated to current artistic positions in performance, theory and music dealing with aspects of the vague and ephemeral. In light of a networked world – a world that may also be monitored as a consequence, artists dedicate themselves to the aesthetic as well as the sociatal grey-areas of the permeable and non-controllable.

This has a social and political dimension. The symposium subseqeuntly raises questions about „unruly potentials“ that may arise through „illegitimate“ approaches among individual disciplines, art genres and popcultural genres. Performance and Music signify disciplines that have long practiced aesthetic, social and technical transgressions. Drawing from the archives of pop culture creates additional resonant space that in turn facilitates alternative forms of artistic and theoretical discourse in combinaton with existing systems, opening up further perspectives.

The aim is an exploration of existing boundaries in the understanding, approach and experienceability of art, as well as an examination of current performative practices with a media-theoretical background.


„In der Galerie 5020 sprechen und diskutieren unter anderem die 5020-Leiterin Karolina Radenkovic, Thomas Edlinger, Didi Neidhart, Eva Fischer, Michael Manfé, Richardas Norvila, Anna Ceeh, Marius Schabella sowie auch Franz Pomassl.

Einfluss von Natur auf Kultur

Letzterer unterrichtet nicht nur an der Akademie der bildenden Künste in Wien. Er ist auch Mitbegründer und Mitglied des Forschungskonsortiums ISSA (International Society For Sonic Arts) sowie – dies seit 1990 – Co-Betreiber des ersten österreichischen Elektroniklabels Laton. Pomassl wird gemeinsam mit Anna Ceeh über Utopie, Science-Fiction und Dystopie in der früheren UdSSR und auch der Post-UdSSR referieren.“



photo by Alexander Hengl



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