Anna Ceeh: “O.R.* Mexican Light” 2020

The series “O.R.* Mexican Light” 1-20 was made during the Mexico -Tournee in Feb. 2020 and was post-produced in March 2020 Vienna.

“Ontological Realities” ( 2003 – ongoing ) are photographs of performances and capture movement through spaces of memories that partly define my current life. They are a kind of ironic game with pieces/bits of the past from the former Soviet Union and erotic elements, which present the body as the central medium of dealing with one’s identity and this (very) challenge.
This form of self-reassurance oscillates between pop culture, everyday life and art. I understand these visual impressions/flashes as “sound” – (sound of the city – sound of myself). I compose images in a double sense: (1) I act as the photographer, the model and her observer. (2) I use the visual contents and intervene via overlays and superpositions, displacements, reflections, blurs, rhythmical structures etc.

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