Guerilla Poster Exhibition in the public space of Iași (Romania) and Chișinău (Moldova) August 2018

Iași: University of Art George Enescu (Faculty of Visual art and Design), and  the MAE cast iron foundry.



photos: ©Anna Ceeh Iv Toshain


VICE Creators (U.S.) feat.our recent perfromance at the 57th Venice Biennale

VICE Creators: Troops in Riot Gear Deliver a Hidden Message in Venice

by DJ Pangburn

In front of the entrance, Giardini (May 11th)

Anti-war performance art invades the Venice Biennale.

The art label FUCKismTC operates under many monikers, including FEMINismTC, FXXX ismTC, XXXXismTMC, and SUCKismTC, which change continuously according to the artists involved and the concepts they focus on. The group has tackled issues like politics, deconstruction of social hierarchies, challenging power structures, peace, and feminism among others. Over the last few years, the Vienna-based trio of Anna Ceeh, Iv Toshain, and Matthias Makowsky, collectively known as XXXXismTMC, have staged an anti-war performance art project, МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE (Peace).

One woman and nine men dress as soldiers and stand in line like an honor guard with messages of peace written on their protective vests, which can only be seen using night-vision goggles. Under their new museum-meets-artwork initiative, MOTA (Museum On Tour Austria), XXXXismTMC recently staged МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE outside the Venice Biennale, the world’s largest arts festival, to bring more awareness to their artistic call for peace.

In front of the Italian Pavillion (May 12th). Images courtesy XXXXismTMC.


Artists that contributed messages to МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE include Lawrence Weiner and Olaf Nicolai, among others. South African artist Kendell Geers‘s slogan, “Stealing fire from heaven,” is rather mythological, while Iranian artist Parastou Forouhar’s reads, “He kills me, he kills me not.” Afghan artist Amanullah Mojadidi cut right to the chase with what Toschain describes as the angry, prompting, and incisive message, “Go bomb yourself.” Weiner, on the other hand, offered a more sober and conciliatory slogan with, “Here Today, Here Tomorrow.”



In 2016, when Ceeh and Toshain invited Makowsky (the only man) to join their artistic duo, XXXXismTMC came into being and their anti-war performance project began to take shape. In recent years, Ceeh and Toshain have hacked Vienna Metro advertisements with their logos, spray painted the FUCKismTC logo on Vienna’s Kunsthalle Wien as a public statement against curators and museum directors copying artist works and concepts, and even enlisted the former Austrian President Heinz Fischer and the First Lady Margit to join and perform in their feminist installation САКРИЛЕГ. All of these works subversively harness the power of branding and mass messaging, and МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE‘s message of peace is no different.


Artist statement seen through infrared night-vision goggles.


As Toshain and Makowsky tell Creators, the work essentially came into existence back in 2014, when they staged a theme-based site-specific installation for the World War I centennial at the Ehrenhalle of Burgtor at Heldenplatz in Vienna. This, along with a number of ongoing international crises and political tensions, inspired the trio to send out a message of peace to the world. While the collective created messages for the work, they also invited a number of international artists to create anti-war or peace slogans.

“We asked them hypothetically: ‘When the going gets rough, and you artists go to the barricades to voice your protest, what will you take with you? A work of art, a project, a portfolio?’” say Toschain and Makowsky. “No. No more solo shows, no ego. Create a slogan.”


Parastou Forouhar’s artist statement seen through infrared night-vision goggles.


The contributing artists created 28 black posters displayed on the walls of the Ehrenhalle. Viewers could only see the messages when using military infrared night-vision goggles. It was here that the trio started engaging with the actual political situation, imagining what artists could do to make things better.

MOTA and МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE came about because the artists did not want to work in exhibition spaces any longer, in white cubes surrounded by white walls. From that moment on, the trio’s slogans for peace moved into public spaces with human bodies as performers.


Orlan looking through the IR Device, Giardini (May 11th)


Ceeh, Toshain, and Makowsky say that МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE confronts not only art fans, but passersby and tourists who unexpectedly encounter it. Venice, with its constant influx of tourists and this year’s Biennale, proved to be fertile ground for their protest for peace.

“Our XXXXismTMC peace-forces are conceived to act everywhere and every time without being announced in advance,” they say. “The [Venice] crowd loved the piece. A lot of people commented that it was one of the best works seen at the Biennale, [and] most of them didn’t know it was guerilla and ‘illegal,’ so to speak.”


Ai Weiwei looking through the IR Device, Piazza San Marco (May 10th 2017)

Lawrence Weiner’s artist statement seen through infrared night-vision goggles.

Click here to see more of XXXXismTMC‘s work.

perfromance at Wiener Rathaus, Vienna


MilanMladenovic © AnnaCeeh 2017


Anna Ceeh by ©Milan Mladenovic 2017

performance with The More Ohr Less Brainstorming Orchestra

MOL-ORCHESTER17.pngThe More Ohr Less Brainstorming Orchestra: 

Franz Graf, Anna Ceeh, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Hans-joachim Roedelius, Chandra Shukla, Christopher James Chaplin, Clementine Gasse Janko Novoselic, Pomassl,  Tim Story 


#MoreOhrLess Festival, Baden, Austria

artmagazine: Humor statt Verbissenheit by Werner Rodlauer




donau festival 2017

doing interview with Actress (UK) for the Belarusian Filet Magazine


doing interview with Emptyset (UK) for the Belarusian Filet Magazine



performace at donau festival, Krems

photo © F.Pomassl

57TH BIENNALE DI VENEZIA -“МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE” Guerilla Performance

On the occasion of the:







MOTA – MUSEUM ON TOUR AUSTRIA, developed as a hybrid between museum and artwork, presents “МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE” in cooperation with the art label XXXXismTOSHAIN/ MAKOWSKY/ CEEH (Sofia – Vienna – St. Petersburg).

The collective has set themselves the goal of sending out a message of peace to the world and has invited a number of international artists to create a slogan – among them Lawrence Weiner, Olaf Nicolai, Parastou Forouhar and Kendell Geers.

The messages are written on protective vests coated with a special black military-infrared colour. They are worn by soldiers standing in line like a guard of honor and can only be seen with a night-vision device. Using the night-vision telescope, one becomes part of the installation and the hidden artist statements can clearly be read in white writing on the black protective vests.

One woman and nine men take part in the Performance. They come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well as refugees from Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan. All performers live in Austria.


This performative artwork, made of people, was to be seen in public spaces in the city of Vienna in 2016 (Stephansdom, Karlsplatz, Main Railway Station, MuseumsQuartier) and confronts it’s audience – passers-by, tourists and art-fans, unexpectedly in the middle of the city. A new, non-material art space is formed. The messages of peace leave the rigid form of an exhibition area and take up positions right at the cutting edge – they pulse on the human bodies of the performers – the body as a blackboard, projection screen and placard, all at once.




MOTA – Museum On Tour Austria and XXXXi̶s̶m̶TMC are taking the best-known art exhibition in the world – La Biennale di Venezia – „VIVA ARTE VIVA“ as an opportunity for the anti-war performance “МИР МИРУ FRIEDE“, an artistic message of peace to the world!

Since 2012 we have been acting internationally by means of guerilla performances liberated from the conventional practices of art and exhibitions.

When avant-garde is integrated into the official program of conventional galleries and museums, it is transformed into a spectacle.

For this reason our performance on 10-12 May 2017 is deliberately unorthodox, both in the grounds of the Biennale and also in the city itself, for all of us.



Museum On Tour Austria (MOTA) и XXXXi̶s̶m̶TMC используют самую известную арт-выставку в мире — Венецианскую биеннале, (тема которой будет VIVA ARTE VIVA — “Да здравствует живое искусство!”) как повод проведения своего антивоенного перформанса “МИР МИРУ FRIEDE“.

С 2012 арт-лейбл XXXXi̶s̶m̶TMC осознанно агирует по миру в формате партизанских акций — по ту сторону обыденных арт- и выставочных форматов.

Авандгард, взятый в официальные программы музеев, становится театральным представлением, теряeт свой смысл и силу действия. С 10 по 12 мая перформанс “МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE” будет проходить как и на территории Биеннале, так и в центре города для всех!


Ai Weiwei looking through the IR Device, Piazza San Marco (10.05.2017)


MOTA – Museum On Tour Austria und XXXXi̶s̶m̶TMC nehmen die bekannteste Kunstausstellung der Welt – La Biennale di Venezia – „VIVA ARTE VIVA“ zum Anlass für die anti-war Performance “МИР – МИРУ – FRIEDE“, eine künstlerische Friedensbotschaft an die Welt!

Seit 2012 agieren wir international mittels Guerilla – Aktionen losgelöst von gängiger Kunst-  und Ausstellungspraxis.

Avantgarde, im offiziellen Programm herkömmlicher Galerien und Museen aufgenommen verwandelt sich in ein Spektakel.

In diesem Sinne performen wir von 10.-12. Mai 2017 bewusst unorthodox, sowohl auf dem Areal der Biennale, als auch mitten in der Stadt, für uns Alle.

Slogan by Olaf Nicolai(DE)



Supported by Santo Krappmann and the performance team.

Dedicated to Kasimir Malevich.


Performances: May 10 – 12, 2017 Giardini, Arsenale, Piazza San Marco


Artist statements by:

Burak Delier (Turkey): “FREEDOM HAS NO SCRIPT”

Kendell Geers (South Africa/ Belgium): „STEELING FIRE FROM HEAVEN“

Parastou Forouhar (Iran):” HE KILLS ME, HE KILLS ME NOT”

Olaf Nicolai (Germany): “KEINE HEIMAT”s

Matthias Makowsky (Austria): “BANG“

Slava Mogutin (Russia/ U.S.): “LOST BOYS”

Ammanullah Mojadidi (Afghanistan): “GO BOMB YOURSELF!”

Iv Toshain (Bulgaria): „WE ARE THE KNIFE”

Lawrence Weiner (U.S.): „HERE TODAY HERE TOMORROW”

Anna Ceeh (Austria/Russia): „WOMAN IN LOVE – ARTIST IN WAR“



Performers List:

Santo Krappmann (DEU)
Esmail Hassani (AFG/IRN)
Gabriel Kraußhaar (DEU)
Hussein Waham (IRQ)
Fabian Janicek (AUT)
Sayed Labib (EGY)
Nis Brender (DEU)
André Harm (DEU)
Nikita Pichler (AUT)
Till Krappmann (DEU)

MOTA Founders: Iv Toshain and Matthias Makowsky
The project is funded by the MehrWERT founding program of the Erste Bank